Father’s Day Gift Ideas with Costume Accessories

June 16, 2013


cosby sweatergolf hat

Happy Friday all! It’s time to get that last minute gift for Dad. What will it be? Hmmm… A stylish new tie? A coffee cup with “World’s Best Dad” printed on it? That thinga-ma-jig you saw on late night TV that slices, dices, chops, and minces? Maybe a new subscription to his favorite golf magazine. A new gas grill that he won’t use because, let’s all be honest, charcoal tastes better? A plastic singing fish? A heinous multi-color patched sweater? Oh, I really like that last one. I apologize for that puddle of sarcasm I’m tracking across the floor.hot ref

All Dads are different. Some like to throw a big barbecue on their day, some like to take it easy. Some like to spend the day “going over the yard”. Some like to spend the day inside watching the U.S. Open. Some are traditional, some are not. But ALL Dads love to be acknowledged and appreciated for what they do. Gifts are really a secondary vehicle, but if you do get Dad something, why go for the same old tired gifts year after year? What Dad wouldn’t love something completely out of right field, even if it’s just to make him laugh? Why not take the reins and have a themed BBQ with Dad in mind? Does he live and breathe sports? Throw him a tailgate party he’ll never forget complete with Referee Costumes and Inflatable Football Coolers! Is he a prankster? Arm him with all the Fake Maggots, Flies, and Eyes he could possibly need to gross out his co-workers for the rest of the year! Does he still rock, but had to cut his hair (or maybe it mysteriously disappeared) for his career? Get him the gift of Hair Band Hair!

80's wig

The bottom line, it doesn’t really matter what you get him, just as long as he knows you had him in mind when you got it. So instead of a card and some golf balls, give unconventional a try and make him smile this year!

To all Dads all over the world, HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!!!


Another Legend of the Wild West

June 3, 2013

Blog Header WW

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Before the days of internet cafes, shopping malls and mocha lattes there was a time that has been romanticized in print and film since it’s conception. The silhouette of a dark rider against an infinite sunset. The sounds of a slightly off-tune piano through the swinging saloon doors. The lone tumbleweed bouncing across a cemetery filled with crude wooden headstones and crosses while the undertaker throws shovelfuls of dirt over his shoulder. The buzzard that sits on the top beam of the gallows, beckoning the next unlucky soul to step forward. It was a time of gunslingers, gamblers, and gold panners. It was a time of bodegas, bonanzas and bootlickers. It was a time of bounty hunters, law-dogs and outlaws. It was the 1800s. It was the Wild West.


Legend says there was a man…yhst-67421776749544_2264_682763205

Not much is known about Skinny Dan Esquandoles. Some say he was a rustler. Some say he was a thug. But some say he was something far more egregious. It’s been said that he would travel from town to town posing as a preacher for as long as it took to rob not only the church, but the bank, hardware store, saloon, and finally, the livery to make a getaway on a fresh horse. These stories are no doubt embellished and exaggerated, as much of the stories from that time are, but I believe the roots to be true.

For example, one warm autumn day in Arizona, Skinny Dan was slow betting at a prominent saloon. He wasn’t much of a gambler, but he was an astute observer. He was watching for weaknesses in the way the house stored it’s money. A slender, young narrow faced man, a boy on all accounts, took a seat at the table introducing himself as Henry. Skinny Dan had met him around a poker table in New Mexico before, but he had gone by the name William. After quite a few losing hands, the youngster was starting to get flustered. He looked around the table and noticed Skinny had the same amount of money he started with and accused Skinny Dan of cheating.yhst-67421776749544_2266_3897464371

“I’m not sure how you play cards where you come from, kid, but around here if you ain’t winning, I reckon you ain’t cheating,” Skinny said.

The other two men at the table chuckled.



“Don’t call me ‘kid’” Henry fired back.

“I didn’t mean any offense, Henry. Or is it William? Can I call you Bill?” Skinny asked, genuinely trying to determine what he should call him.

Dirty Frank Schmidt piped in, “I thought his name was ‘Henry’, what kind of angle are you workin’, you goat-faced little scamp?”

“Calm down, boys. I might have him mixed up with someone else.” Skinny said.

Grant Sloan, a professional gambler and gunman, chimed in “Might as well call him ‘Billy Goat’.”

Henry was clearly getting hot under the collar about the other men teasing him. “Keep it up,” he said softly. He put his cards on the table, and dropped his hand towards the side of his belt.

Dirty Frank saw this and let out a loud guffaw, “I like that! Even better yet, ‘Billy the Kid!’ You like that? You like yer new name Billy Boy?”

Skinny Dan Esquandoles was an astute observer. He saw Henry reaching for his Navy Colt, but he also saw the look in his eye as well. He had seen this look in other’s eyes, and knew it was best to blend into the background, which he did. While Grant and Dirty Frank were poking fun at the boy, Skinny took advantage and stayed silent.

“You best put yer hands back up on that table, kid.” Grant said. “Unless you really think you can outdraw all of us…”

Henry grinned. “There’s many a slip ‘twix the cup and the lip.”yhst-67421776749544_2266_3663465251

In one smooth motion, Henry drew his six-shooter and fired on Dirty Frank hitting him square in the heart, killing him instantly. Skinny calmly put his cards down, folded his hands and looked directly at Henry. Grant had his hand around the butt of his own Colt, but “The Kid” already had him beat.

“I noticed you have a real shiny cannon in your holster there, mister. It sure looked like a beauty. Are those real pearl grips? Do they make you faster?” Henry asked, a slight smile tugging at the corners of his mouth.

Grant said nothing. His face said everything that needed to be said. He had underestimated the speed and wile of this boy and now his run was over.

Henry cocked his Colt and said, “I don’t reckon yer fancy pistelero makes much of a difference, does it?. Why don’t I relieve you of that burden? It’s the least I can do after you and your partner showed me so much kindness.”

Grant slowly pulled his cannister out of the holster, his eyes locked on Henry’s. He put it on the table, slowly stood up and walked towards the door without saying a word.

After Grant Sloan turned himself into a dust cloud, Henry turned his attention to Skinny Dan. “We still playing cards?” he asked.

“I think I’ve had my fill for the day, Henry.”

Henry stood up and gathered his “winnings” along with Grant Sloan’s glimmering hand cannon. He whistled in approval and said “Well, this is a touch too noticeable for my liking. Why don’t you hold onto it, Skinny?”yhst-67421776749544_2266_739410056

“Much obliged,” Dan said as he stood up. He took the Navy and tucked it into his bandolier as his holster already contained iron. “Well, I guess I’ll be seeing ya down the trail, Henry.”

Henry let out a high pitched boy’s laugh and said, “Oh, I reckon I’m sick of that name. Why don’t you just call me Billy. It’s got a nice ring to it.”



The Roaring 20s

May 10, 2013

Leo the GG

Happy Weekend all! In light of  The Great Gatsby film that’s coming out on May 10th, I was rummaging through some old heirlooms and found a leather-bound book that had B.L. Esquandoles stamped on it. Intrigued, I started to read.  It turns out that it belonged to my great-great grandpa Benny. So I took the lazy route and just re-wrote a snippet of what he had written for this week’s blog. Don’t let the vernacular scare you, I had to look most of it up, too! I included a link that will help you decipher what most of the nifty lingo actually means.

Be sure to catch Leo and Toby in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic tale of  20s excess, romance, and betrayal on May 10th! Why not go as your favorite gangster or moll? Who knows, you might find yourself transported back to a different time, and you just might inspire your friends to drop a dime & start the summer off right with lavish parties filled with brunos, flappers, buttons and giggle juice…



1920s Slang Reference:  http://mollsanddolls.blogspot.com/2007/10/1920s-slang-dictionary.html

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Excerpt from the Memoirs of Benny L. Esquandoles, (vol. 2, chapter 6)

 1920s chicago

“That’s a whole ‘nother tray of pork chops,” I said when asked by the fuzz if I was at the juice joint. “I haven’t had an edge since 1919!” He either believed me or didn’t care, most didn’t. He decided that I was small potatoes when he saw a couple of hard boiled fellas trying to cash a check with a young bearcat up the street. “You better beat feet. Don’t take any wooden nickels out there, you might end up wearing a Chicago overcoat.” he said while taking his billy club back out of 20s gangster 2 bennyhis holster. I muttered in agreeance as he started to head towards the commotion. I could hear the gal raising her voice, “I’m no chippy, get lost! Bank’s closed!” I turned back towards the speakeasy for a tick and decided I’d take the copper’s advice. It was late and I didn’t want any beef with the law, even if I could bend the ear of the local trouble boys to put some eggs in the coffee. You see, I’d been a grifter, a shylock and a can-opener. I had a few favors built up, not that you couldn’t tell. Like always, I was dressed to the nines. Black lace up cap toe oxfords, a black Italian pinstripe suit with a white silk handkerchief, and of course, a pinch front black fedora with a white band.

Benny's car

I hopped in my iron, an older breezer with a newer paint job, and headed home. It was a warm summer night in Chicago. The ritzy hotels were illuminated with electric fire while the alleyways were as unwelcoming as a wooden kimono. Downtown, the sidewalks were buzzing with drugstore cowboys trying to impress the floozies as they walked to the next gin mill in their flapper get ups, feather boas trailing behind them as they smoked their gaspers through skinny silver cigarette holders. Muffled trumpets and clarinets saturated the streets through the walls of the blind tigers which seemed to be on every corner. I couldn’t help but to think of how my good friend Al was doing these days. He’d been hard to get ahold of ever since a chopper squad had paid him a visit. The joke was on them, though. They walked right into a room full of Nevada gas. I guess you could say that business was booming, at least that’s what the rumble was saying.

I turned the corner towards Lake Shore Drive, not quite ready to turn in. From the corner of my eye I saw a shapely creature. An absolute Sheba. She had silky blonde bobbed hair with a blue bow, a long draping blue and black sleeveless top was accented by the string of black oyster fruit that hung from her neck. Her blue satin skirt was dangerously short, clearly revealing her bare knees for all to see. She was attempting to flag down a hack when she spotted me pulling over.

flapper 1 Nora

“What’s a classy dame like you doing on this block at this hour?” I asked.

“Scram,” she said. “I don’t need help from a hinky hood like yourself.”

Feigning surprise I said with a grin, “Well ain’t you just the bee’s knees? I wouldn’t want to get caught up with some bluenose ankle anyway. I only stopped because…”

She suddenly burst into tears, explaining that her brother had just been pinched and had taken a trip to the clubhouse. “They say he was a button man,” she sobbed. “I should have stayed in Tin Pan Alley.”

I got out of the crate and wrapped my flogger around her. “Well, there’s no use trying to catch a taxi this late,” I said. “Let me give you a ride.”

She got a slant and said, “You’re not a bad number are you?”

“No. I’m Benny.”

She dried her eyes on my silk handkerchief and said, “It’s swell to meet you. I’m Nora.”


Benny Esquandoles

July, 17th 1926



May the 4th

April 29, 2013


…be with you.


Obi Wan“The Force is what gives a Jedi his power. It’s an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us and penetrates us. It binds the galaxy together.” -Obi Wan Kenobi

Greetings Rebels, Imperials, and Droids! I felt compelled to write a post about the intricate, quasi-underground fan holiday that is May the 4th. As some of you know, May 4th is the unofficial celebration of Star Wars fandom world wide. It’s the one day that we fans get to dress up as our favorite Jedi or Sith without the usual embarrassment that comes along with wearing your Darth Maul costume to the grocery store. Don’t lie, we’ve all done it. Luckily, the sacred holiday falls on a Saturday this year, so expect to see an excess of wookies, jawas, princesses, Jedi, sand people, rebel fighters, ewoks and bounty hunters when you’re out and about. Do not be alarmed! They are harmless. They are friendly. They want to educate you on the ways of the Jedi… Or entice you with the powers of the Dark Side. The choice is yours, so choose carefully.



Leia“Aren’t you a little short for a stormtrooper?” -Princess Leia

When I was younger, I wanted to be Darth Vader for Halloween. There was always something about his foreboding presence and paralyzing voice that commanded respect. The only problem with that, I was 9. Nobody is going to take a 4 foot tall Sith Lord seriously. So instead of Evil Anakin, I opted to make my own Stormtrooper costume out of cardboard, spray paint and duct tape. It was already falling apart as I walked out the door. I knew what I was and that’s all that mattered. I met up with a friend who was dressed up as a vampire, or whatever. He pointed and laughed at my feeble attempt for what seemed like an hour. After he composed himself, we started our Halloween pillage. A few blocks later and several comments like “Ohhh, wow! A scary vampire, or whatever. And what’s this? What a cute grey robot thing!”,  I was deflated and ready to go home.

We hit one last house before we called it a night. There was something different about this house. It seemed to be radiating a sort of magnetism. The familiar sounds of “The Imperial March” were faintly coming from inside as we walked up the driveway. It seemed to glow with blues and reds. Through the window I saw a large caped shadow wearing a helmet that flared out slightly towards the bottom. I knew right away that I was about to be ridiculed once again, so I told my friend that I wanted to go home. He protested, but I’d had enough. I started to walk back down the driveway when I heard the front door open. A cloud of white fog swirled in the entrance as an 8 foot tall dark figure slowly appeared, The Imperial March blaring from behind him. It was freaking Darth Vader! In the flesh! His helmet and armor beamed, his mechanical chest piece lit up randomly, his cape draped down for what seemed like miles. “Impressive. Most impressive,” his mechanical voice boomed.Darth Vader He then turned around and walked inside, disappearing into the thick haze. Embarrassed, I turned and hung my head. I figured I would wait for my vampire, or whatever, friend to get his loot then I was going to go home and destroy my sorry excuse for a Stormtrooper costume. A few minutes later I heard him speak again “What are you supposed to be? A vampire or whatever? Take this Snicker’s bar and be gone. Where is the Stormtrooper you arrived with? HALT! You there! Yes you. Your helmet has seen combat and is unfit. As a leader of the Empire, I feel responsible for having my troops properly equipped.” He then pulled from inside his cape a slightly worn, totally awesome Stormtrooper helmet. “Wear this with pride while battling the Rebel scum.” I immediately ripped off my cardboard head cube and slid the helmet on, instantly smiling from ear to ear. I looked to my friend, his jaw was against his chest. As I turned to thank Vader, all that remained was the swirling of smoke and a closed door…

Now, I want you to know that this story is completely made up. I’ve never tried to make my own Stormtrooper costume. I’ve never met Darth Vader. I’ve never had a friend that dressed up as a vampire, or whatever. But think about how that could change a kid’s life forever… Moral of the story? You can NEVER have too many Star Wars costumes or accessories lying around!

yoda 2“Truly wonderful the mind of a child is.” -Yoda



I would be the worst uncle ever if I didn’t mention my favorite Padawan in the entire galaxy. May 4th also happens to be my niece, Marley’s, birthday. She will be turning 3 this year so she’s just about ready to have her uncle indoctrinate her with the ways of The Force. The Jedi Mind Trick is just scratching the surface of her powers. She also possesses the ability to make small objects, such as cups of milk and goldfish crackers, come straight to her hand just by reaching for it and saying what it is that she wants. This concerns me. I fear that she will fall to the Dark Side if she continues to use her powers for selfish reasons. I figure one of the best ways to deter her from the ways of the Sith is to dress her up as the Princess Warrior herself, compliments of the wonderful people at TotallyCostumes.com, whom I feel extremely fortunate to be writing this on their behalf.

Everyone should have the pleasure of celebrating such an important piece of pop-culture and American cinema. It’s never too late to tap into your inner-geek on and seek The Force within yourself! So from myself, Marley, and the crew at TotallyCostumes, have a great Star Wars Day and MAY THE 4TH BE WITH YOU!!!!

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stormtrooper-Darth Esquandoles  


¡Feliz Cinco de Mayo!

April 26, 2013

yhst-67421776749544_2260_764532836Hola, mujeres y hombres! It’s the time of year that we dust off the clay oven, plant our chili peppers and, of course, celebrate the Mexican-American holiday Cinco De Mayo. What better way to commemorate the 1862 Battle of Puebla than with our festive and colorful costumes and props? We have everything you’ll need if you’re attending the big parade like our selection of authentic and not-so-authentic Mexican costumes. Sit in with the band as a Mariachi or show off your Jarabe Tapatío moves in traditional Mexican garb! Not a dancer? Not a problem! We have over-sized sombreros, serapes and ponchos to pull off the iconic stoic Mexican look. Don’t forget los niños! Our collection of children’s costumes will get your little Juans into the festive mood! From little banditos to bailarinas to baby chili peppers, you are sure to find the right duds to compliment their grown-up counterparts.

   yhst-67421776749544_2255_526473516             yhst-67421776749544_2260_3393471871                yhst-67421776749544_2258_62369460           yhst-67421776749544_2260_529295278

Going to a fiesta after the parade? Show up in style and call out your rivals with one of our Lucha Libre masks or turn heads as a caliente mamacita in one of our sexy seniorita outfits! No celebración is complete without maracas, and we have a plethora of maracas, El Guapo. Be sure to protect your eyes from the hot Mexicali sun (or take a sneaky siesta) with a pair of our Tequila Shots Costume Glasses. You’ll need to keep your cervezas cold throughout the day, and we have you covered! Our Inflatable Cactus Cooler ice chests will insure you’ll always have an icy cold beverage on demand! Odelay!

bandelero shot glasses cactus dog2


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From all of us at TotallyCostumes.com, have a safe and Grande holiday!    

 yhst-67421776749544_2260_3141384410-Marco Esquandoles



New for 2013: Light-Up Shoe Beatz & LED Shoelaces

April 16, 2013

Shop our Light-Up and Glow-in-the-Dark Accessories.

Glow in the dark and light-up accessories have continually been growing in popularity. This comes as no surprise with the rise of nightlife, festivals, rave events, light shows and parties held at night. To answer the demand for this category, our purchasing department has really been focusing on growing our collection. Although our Light-Up and Glow-in-the-Dark costume accessories are still growing over the next few months, we have added a few product lines to the website that are available now. A couple of these items include Light-Up Shoe Beatz and Light-Up LED Shoe Laces.

The Light-Up Shoe Beatz are plastic pieces with LED lights that are attached to the shoe by threading your shoe laces through. They measure 1.75-inches long and 0.5-inches wide. They are sold in pairs, but by getting multiple sets you can lace them all the way up your shoes and even use them as a zipper pull to add the glow throughout your entire outfit. They are activated from vibration. So with every jump, hop, dance or step, they will light-up in your color choice. Our selection of Light-Up Shoe Beatz is available in colors red, pink and blue.


The Light-Up LED Shoe Laces are another glowing accessory that can be added to your footwear. Each set includes 32-inch fiber optic shoelaces with an on/off switch box that controls the three light-up modes — constant, fast flashing and slow flashing. Lace them through your shoes, boots or skates. Our selection includes color choices blue, green and red.

blue-light-up-shoe-laces green-light-up-shoe-laces red-light-up-shoe-laces

Both of these new light-up shoe accessories will have you making a glowing fashion statement from head to toe. Their glow in the dark qualities also make them great for keeping children safe during Halloween trick-or-treating or runners safe during evening footraces. They have been popular for rave festivals, night vending, holiday events, glow parties, nighttime golf and party favors.

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Quote of the Day: “This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine.” – Harry Dixon Loes, teacher and composer.


Meet A Real Mermaid – Then Become One in Costume

April 9, 2013

real-life-mermaid-swimmingI was immediately curious when I read the news headline ‘What it is like to be a real life mermaid’ and just had to click into it. It was a great read and told of how Linden Wolbert left her desk job in 2005 to work full-time as a professional mermaid. Yes, you read that correctly! When she decided to move forward with her dream, she worked the next seven months with special-effects artist Allan Holt on designing and crafting a 6-foot-long, 35-pound hydro-dynamic tail. He sealed a monofin inside a high-quality silicone, sculpted the scales and created a detailed fiberglass mold of Wolbert’s body. In the end, it cost approximately $15,000 for the finished product.professional-mermaid-woman

“It doesn’t sink or float… it’s the most powerful piece of dive equipment I own,” she stated. Not only is Wolbert an avid swimmer and SCUBA diver with a love for free diving, but she can also hold her breath for 5 minutes and dive down about 100 feet deep.

Many girls daydream about meeting or swimming with a mermaid, but through dress-up play they can be one! We have a large collection of mermaid costumes for the infant, toddler, kids, teen and adult. They range in colors such as grey, pink, blue and green. Licensed Ariel the Little Mermaid costumes are included with the selection for those that like the Disney princess. So swim out into the world where the imagination is your limits!

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Quote of the Day: “When’s it my turn? Wouldn’t I love, love to explore the world up above? Out of the sea, wish I could be part of that world.” ~Ariel, The Little Mermaid


New for 2013: Licensed Iron Man 3 Costumes & Accessories

April 5, 2013

Marvel is releasing the new Iron Man 3 movie to theaters on May 3, 2013. In its plot, Tony Stark must return as Iron Man when he finds his personal world destroyed by a new enemy whose reach knows no bounds. Stark’s back is against the wall and he must rely on his ingenuity and instincts to protect those closest to him. Stark discovers the answer to his haunting question as he fights his way back: does the man make the suit or does the suit make the man?

Our selection of officially licensed Iron Man 3 costumes and accessories are trickling into the warehouse a little at a time as the manufacturer receives them into inventory. Our collection of licensed Iron Man 3 Costumes includes the new Mark 42 Suit for toddlers, kids and adults whose design replicates the one worn in the film. A choice in style includes the classic, muscle torso and light-up versions. In addition to the Iron Man Mark 42 Costume, you will also find the new Iron Patriot Costume in sizes for the toddler, child and adult. Iron Patriot is a new character introduced in the third film installment. To enhance your cosplay, you can add newly released costume accessories such as the Light-Up Arc Reactor accessory, Light-Up Goggles, glow-in-the-dark gloves, deluxe helmet or a treat bag.


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Quote of the Day: “You know, it’s moments like these when I realize how much of a superhero I am.” ~Tony Stark, Iron Man 3 Trailer


Wife’s Image of Superhero Dad and Son Goes Viral

February 4, 2013

superhero-dad-sonThis picture posted to Reddit by the young crime fighter’s mom  went viral within 5 days! She admitted that she was only looking to give a few people a good laugh and assumed it would get lost in all the other content the site had to offer. It has already been on The Huffington Post and continues to make its rounds on Facebook, Twitter and blogs all over the internet. Many of the posts use the photo with the caption addition of “I know a good dad when I see one.” Because of the caption, a lot of the viewers were under the assumption it was captured by a stranger, but it was the little superhero’s mom who took the photograph of the heart-warming crime-fighting duo shopping.

CTV News was able to get in touch with the mother who wishes not to reveal her identity and she shared the story behind the photo. It turns out that her son “F” loves superheroes and tends to put capes on everything he can get his hands on. She said that he’ll even give the bath tub a more superhero feel by draping a cap over a shampoo bottle.

So for F’s 3rd birthday, his mom decided to make him his own cape for the birthday party. It was his most loved present and still wears it almost 100% of the time they are at home. Shortly after the party, she heard “F” ask, “Daddy, where’s YOUR cape?” It didn’t take long to decide that dad should have a cape, too! So she quickly cut one for her husband using the extra material leftover from making from the birthday capes.

It was instantly approved by “F” who said, “I’m a little superhero, and you’re a big superhero!”

A few weeks after the birth of the father-son superhero team, her husband and “F” were shopping for odds and ends at their local Home Depot. It was then she decided to snap the picture for the Reddit community. She said it had been viewed and commented on thousands of times within a few hours afterward.

Even though the picture is far from the end of its journey on the internet, she knows exactly where they are going to post it next … right above F’s bed in a poster-sized version!

Quote of the Day: “You don’t raise heroes; you raise sons. And if you treat them like sons, they’ll turn out to be heroes, even if it’s just in your own eyes.” -Walter Schirra Sr., NASA Astronaut


2013 Costume Design Competition for Students

January 28, 2013

NCA Costume ContestThe National Costumers Association recently announced the return of their bi-annual Costume Design Competition. The 2nd Annual Student Competition, a mini-convention, has been set for July 12-14, 2013 in Covington, Kentucky.

A wonderful opportunity for  students, the National Costumers Association’s  (NCA) will be offering three scholarships to the school of the winners’ choice ($1500, $1000, $500) and all finalists will receive student memberships to the National Costumers Association. There will also be one cash prize awarded. The competition is open to all fashion and costume design students and will culminate with a runway show and a project presentation.

In order to qualify, an application must be completed by the student before April 1, 2013 followed by a video presentation of their completed costume by May 31, 2013. Shortly following the deadline, up to 12 finalists will be chosen and each of the winners will be notified with expectations to present their entire project to the general membership in a runway show at the mini-convention.  Afterward, the finalists will present their complete project in a display which needs to include the costume and a written presentation of all design materials.

“We hope this will be a fun and exciting competition that will introduce students to the world of costume design and the National Costumers Association,” stated Linda Adams-Foat, the NCA’s Student Creative Event Chairperson.

Applications can be found on the organizations website under the “STUDENT” section; www.costumers.org.

Quote of the Day: “And costume is so important for an actor. It absolutely helps to get into character; it’s the closest thing to you, it touches you. Some actors like to go into make-up and then put their clothes on, but I like to dress first; that’s my routine.” -Gary Oldman, Actor